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I would so buy each of these for my daughter.

In Which Diversity Isn't a Myth


Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some Russian creatures…

Lesson of the Day, Part Tres: On Writing LGBTQ* Characters



A list of links that folks can add to! This was requested as a follow-up to Writing Characters of Color. Please be forewarned: I apologize in advance if I link to something that turns out to be wrong, or unhelpful. I try to skim everything to make sure it’s a good resource, but I…

Very significant to what I’m writing at the moment.

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Lesson of the Day, Part Deux: Gee, I don't know how to research writing Characters of Color tastefully:



Great resources here.

Many thanks!

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Lesson of the Day: A Few Tips and Resources for Writing Characters of Color


The simple, honest answer is that you need to be very careful because you have never been a POC and therefore are in danger of portraying a group of people insensitively, unfairly,…

Great resource. Thanks guys!



Batman you lying fuck


Yep. You’re not fooling anyone, dude.

Letting the Writing Take Over

When I reviewed what I wrote from the day before, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a female protagonist, who topped out at 5’ 8” and about 145 pounds, pull out a steam-powered rotary autocannon from her pack, brace it on a rock, and proceed to fire it with great zeal at an incoming horde. While the scene was quite awesome, I am now saddled with the burden of editing it to actually make what she was doing possible.

Or plausible.

Or perhaps it’s just so good that I won’t bother changing it at all.

Regardless of what I end up doing with it, I think it was a successful first attempt at keeping my hands on the keyboard and not lifting them even to use the mouse. My being drowsy as all heck probably helped too.


Library doodle

I feel like this more often than I’d care to admit.


Library doodle

I feel like this more often than I’d care to admit.

Lesson for the Day: Words in Historical Fantasy

The simplest way to define Historical Fantasy is to take a moment and place in history as your setting, then add fantastical elements like magic and dragons and fae and rewrite the setting as if those elements had existed. Then you stuff your story into that framework.

I’m not precisely writing historical fantasy, but two of my characters pretty much come from such settings, so making sure they “talk right” is important to me. I’ve been working on speech patterns and the like, but the words they use can’t be anachronistic.

And I came across a trick during my research (thank you internet): Take as many digital books from authors from that time period, compile everything as a word list, then load that as a custom dictionary in your word processing app. Then when you spell check your book, it’ll highlight every word in your manuscript that wasn’t used in said time period, narrowing down the words you need to check up on.

Recommended follow up tool is the Historical Thesaurus of the OED.

Less worried about my word authenticity now.

Constant Change

This blog’s gonna change in scope, and it’ll stay that way hopefully forever. The good news here is that it’ll mean I’ll be updating it more often. Downside I suppose is that I won’t be posting anything really relevant or popular people other than myself, but that’s okay too. I hardly ever posted things in the past.

Why’s it changing?

A few weeks ago I learned that a friend was joining a contest online: Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award. And that got me thinking of all those years I said I would get serious with my writing and putting all those crazy ideas and stories in my head down into words. I never did, and so many of those ideas stagnated, staying in my head until they faded. And despite my wanting desperately to be a writer, I never tried, and since I never tried, it never happened. I kept making one excuse after another, but the foundation of most of those excuses was that I had no practical way of getting a foot into the door, living as I do in a third world nation.

The contest, and Amazon’s Createspace, made me realize that I now did have a way to get in. And I would use the contest as a way to put my best foot forward. I made several promises to myself.

First, I’d write that first novel, no matter how awful it might be. And I would keep writing until it was done. Second, I’d swallow my pride and submit that novel, if I could finish it on time, or give it to my friends for their perusal. For criticism. I’ve never taken it very well, and if I want to be a novelist, I’ll need to get used to rejection. Third, I’d learn. I never studies how to write. I know I have a knack for words. But I promised I’d begin studying how to sharpen that talent and get better. Fourth, and probably what I’d consider the most important promise, is that I’d keep writing, no matter what happens. 

After I made those promises, I began. It started with a spiral notebook and a pen. And weeks later, I’m still writing. And as I wrote, I learned so much more than what I expected. Not just about my writing, and the process, and techniques. Sounds cliche’ but I learned more about myself in these last few weeks than I have for many years.

I learned that I really love this. I put off video games and downloaded TV shows just to write. I’ve no regrets. And that’s really important to me because when this all pays off—-and I know it may take years—-I’ll finally be doing something I love everyday.

I already know I’m not gonna make it on time to submit to ABNA. But I’m still writing. And for once, I know those are promises that I’m gonna be able to keep.

So this blog? I decided I’ll make it a journal of sorts, to talk about my journey, and things I’ve learned. And when I look back on this someday, maybe I’ll learn something new again.

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